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Montana's next election will take place Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. 

Each county is conducting their election differently. In some counties, polls will be closed, and all registered active voters will receive a ballot in the mail. In other counties, polls will be open, and only voters on the permanent absentee list will receive a ballot by mail. 

October 2nd: In-person voting begins for counties holding mail ballot elections.

October 5th: In-person voting begins for counties holding polling place elections.

October 9th: Ballots are mailed. In counties holding mail ballot elections, every registered active voter will receive a ballot in the mail. In counties holding polling place elections, all permanent absentee voters (both active and inactive) will receive a ballot in the mail.

October 26th: Last day for regular voter registration. After this date, voters must register in-person at the designated location for their county. 

October 27th: We recommend putting your ballot in the mail no later than October 27th to ensure it is received by Election Day. After this date, we recommend dropping off your ballot in person. 

November 3rd: Election Day! If you are mailing in or dropping off your ballot, it must be received, not postmarked, by your county elections office by 8pm. 

Important Dates

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